Edgar Brooks Spitfire Notes

My dear friend, Jon Bius fronts his own top drawer modelling blog. Among the excellent material is a PDF Jon prepared, of the accumulated wisdom that Edgar Brooks shared freely and kindly across the web and in person over many decades, about that most quintessentially British and uniquely beautiful aeroplane, the Supermarine Spitfire.

The log is by no means complete but readers with additional material are cordially invited to contact Jon to add it to the existing document. Edgar has since passed away but his undoubted expertise lives on. He helped me personally on many occasions.

It wasn’t only individual modellers that benefitted from Edgar’s broad knowledge, Airfix sought him out too. Evidence of their regard is encapsulated in the instructions in their Vb re-tool that credits the contributions made by Edgar in the kit’s production.


Here’s the test shot I built for Airfix Model World, in which I removed the wing strakes. A reader subsequently expressed the view that this was carried out in error and Edgar’s explanation for the timeline and Ministry orders, confirmed that the strake deletion was indeed correct.


To view the PDF and link to Jon’s site please click here – Edgar Brooks Spitfire PDF