Mommy’s very angry…

Partially shielded within the trees of the Cretaceous forest, she stood perfectly still. Early flowering plants lay at her feet as insects moved enthusiastically among them, pollinating and feeding.

Her textured skin gently fluctuated in tone and colour, as the chameleon-like cells within adjusted to the dappled light that tumbled to the floor below through the hot and humid air. Although an adult and some forty feet long, the Rex’s muscular bulk melted silently into the background, as cold yellow eyes surveyed the bare, trampled trail some twenty or so yards away.

Her acute hearing and sense of smell tuned out the many distractions of the ancient forest until eventually they excitedly conveyed the presence of approaching prey. Outwardly unchanging, she came to a state of readiness.

The Triceratops group was larger than normal and after a successful breeding season, was swollen with numerous young, who kept close station with their mothers. Unable to traverse the crowded trail without spilling into the tree line, some individuals were forced to pick their way through the coniferous obstacles on either side, their direction undulating away and then back towards the relative safety of the herd.

Still she waited. Lethal jaws parted slightly, to better sample the scent that blew over and around her, revealing the rows of dark ivory teeth within. Still she waited.

The juvenile ‘Trike’ barked in sudden terror as he stumbled within a dozen yards of the Rex. His alarm galvanised the herd that immediately flew forwards at the gallop in a thundering desperation to escape. The young Triceratops wheeled sharply to the left, seeking out the trail and the fleeing mass of flesh. She was on him within seconds. Knocked to the ground and ruthlessly pinned beneath a clawed foot, ribs splintered and cracked, under her nine tons as the young Triceratops squealed in painful response. The Rex paused; distracted, she angrily bellowed out her roar of defiance at the Triceratops adult that stood unmoved, head and horns lowered, nearby…


Dinosaur fans around the world had much to cheer about when Pegasus Hobbies announced they were launching a series of solid vinyl kits. It’s a genre of modelling that has had a strong ‘garage kit’ presence but little in the way of quality, mainstream productions.

Until comparatively recently. The Pegasus Hobbies 1/24 T Rex and juvenile Triceratops is as heavy as it is gorgeous – no surprise when the sculpt was mastered by Galileo Hernandez Nunez. Construction is governed by  robust plug and socket joints, some which require fettling but the end result is immense security and unity; just as well, as the Rex could conceivably fell an ox with a single blow, it’s so solid.

The young Trike makes for a dramatic presentation and both this and the Rex fit and integrate into the one piece base very well.


While there’s no scientific evidence to even suggest it, in my dinosaur world Rex’s possessed a form of chameleon colour adaptation.




Current stablemates to the Rex are an adult Triceratops and a Spinosaurus (although the ‘sail’ configuration has been revised by palaeontologists recently to one gently different to the kit – simply a reflection of the dynamic state of knowledge in this field and something that doesn’t detract from the Pegasus model at all).

Airfix Model World, March 2016

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