‘Yellow 10’ – Tip toeing softly in the footsteps of Tom Tullis

Yellow 10

It had to start somewhere. Convincing editor Chris Clifford to let me squeeze through the AMW contributor door required a ‘practical in plastic’, so I chose four kits from the loft insulation and held my breath while Chris decided. Memory fails to recall the other three contenders but one thing does remain – they were all way easier to finish than the fourth…Eduard’s ‘Weekend’ boxing of their D-13 ‘Langnasen Dora’, ‘Yellow 10’, with its unique, field applied camouflage. With the gauntlet at my feet, the box lid was lifted and combat commenced.


The kit certainly radiated quality across the piece, along with a penchant for wearing its heart on its sleeve, in making it obvious the separate panels were intended to be fitted open throughout. Closing them was a test of patience, filler, part trimming and re-scribing.


Beyond that, it was all good on the construction stage and with primer on the basic airframe it was time to draw a deep breath and figure out an m/o for the camo.


Eventually, the solution was to clobber the undersides first and to then ‘quarter’ the airframe and deal with it in defined sections, making innumerable return trips to Tom Tullis’s superb artwork.


When the finished result was submitted to Chris and the nod came back, it was a great moment, one that was given an unexpected extra shine when Jerry Crandall dropped by the Hyperscale thread and described it as ‘excellent’.

Another one ticked off the modelling ‘bucket list’ and my ticket into the publishing world, so two things emptied from the bucket after all.

Until next time.