Tamiya 1/48 P-47D ‘Razorback’

When I conceived the notion of a ‘Guest Models’ slot in the blog there was no manner of means that would see Paolo Portuesi left out, short of his declining to participate. Happily, he willingly consented and I’m extraordinarily pleased to share five images with you of his exquisite 1/48 Tamiya P-47D ‘Razorback’.

The kit is a perfect foil for Paolo’s comprehensive skill set which, coupled to his refined style, just drips with Italian flair.



2 thoughts on “Tamiya 1/48 P-47D ‘Razorback’

  1. That’s really amazing. Remind me to ask Signore Portuesi to place his hands on this table and close his eyes while I pull out that tool that matches my last name. 🙂

    • Ha, ha…and that’s not the worst of it; the guy looks like he just stepped off of a luxury yacht moored at Monaco…

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