Biggin Hill – 18 August 2015 – ‘The Hardest Day’

When Biggin Hill announced it was convening 17 Spitfires and 5 Hurricanes, as a salute to ‘The Hardest Day’ of the Battle of Britain (September 15, 1940), there weren’t enough wild horses in the world to keep me away. This magnificent turnout was however fewer than the aircraft booked, although memory fails to recall how many Spits and Hurricanes were unable to show on the day.

The participants:


  1. Mk I – AR213
  2. Mk I – X4650
  3. Seafire III – PP972
  4. Mk V – EE602
  5. Mk V – BM597
  6. Mk V – EP120
  7. Mk IX – RR232
  8. Mk IX – MK356
  9. Mk IX – TA805
  10. Mk IX – MH434
  11. T IX – MJ627
  12. T IX SM520
  13. T IX – ML407
  14. Mk XI – PL965
  15. Mk XIV MV293
  16. Mk XVI RW382
  17. Mk XVI – TE184



  1. Sea Hurricane I -Z7015
  2. Hurricane I/X – AE977
  3. Hurricane I – R4118
  4. Hurricane IIc – PZ865
  5. Hurricane XII – P3700/Z5140



  1. P-51D – G-SHWN

2 thoughts on “Biggin Hill – 18 August 2015 – ‘The Hardest Day’

  1. Quite the lineup…thank goodness for digital photography. You would go broke using 35mm snapping pics of that many fine aircraft!

  2. Indeed! I grew up with ‘wet process’ photography but must say I love my digital cameras for a whole raft of reasons, including the matter of cost you mention.

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