Tom Meyers Memorial Build – 2009

A blast from the past; I’m a member of, that I joined about a year before Tom’s sudden tragic death in 2008. I became acquanted with Tom at a relatively early stage as the first Fellowship Build on the site was organised by him. The build was a competition in association with Accurate Miniatures as Tom was the company’s Art Director and required entrants to simply select and assemble anything from AM’s catalogue. I chose their Il-2 and was lucky enough to win.

Tom was a Christian and one of the original members of the site and after consultation with his family and those on the forums a memorial build in 2009 was agreed.

I chose as my entry, Tamiya’s ultimate ‘slammer’, their Bf109E-3 with Tom’s Possum Werks decals for ‘Macky’ Steinhoff’s bird during the Battle of Britain. Eduard’s now quite ancient brass fret for the Tamiya E3 and E4 kits was dragged out of the spares dungeon and yielded a selection of bits to busy up the pilot’s station. You’d spot belts in there obviously and these passed through an oblong hole in the seat obligingly created by me and ringed with an etched oval of brass so tiny I left the CA alone and fixed it in position easily with gloss enamel varnish. The etched leather strap for what I think was the battery cover was dobbed in with enamel gloss varnish too.

Etched trim wheels, stand and chain were added. The chain terminates in a sprocket but has nothing else to connect it with the fuselage wall, so the Punch & Judy set yielded a disc of card to suit. The etched double panel had the instrument acetate back painted in light grey, not white, as it drops the contrast and looks more in keeping with reality to my eye but that’s just a personal thing. The acetate was ‘glued’ using enamel gloss varnish to the panel rears and further dabs filled in the ‘glass’.

The instruments themselves needed edging in black and in this scale I ditched the enamel black for artists oil mixed with the UK version of Japan Dryer, Liquin. This viscous paint readily stays put and is perfect in this application.

Etched seat rails sealed the port side of the deal. The only addition on the starboard side was the etched map case holder – lots more convincing than the moulded version. It grew a map later in the build. From there it was a simple case of closing up the fuselage, adding the wings and sending the lot into traction before priming, top colours and a little weathering – truly ‘a slammer’. I hoped back in 2009, as I do now, that Tom would approve.


4 thoughts on “Tom Meyers Memorial Build – 2009

  1. Indeed Thom would be most pleased (and humbled) by your choice to build Mackie Steinhoff’s 109. I remember as he was doing the research and artwork for those decals and the instruction sets. The packaging artworks as well. It was quite the project.

    I often wonder what it would have been like had we been able to do Possum Werks as we had hoped. He was really just lifting off the launch pad of his career; but as we all know now, God had another assignment for Thom. We were going to start with his decal sets and add conversions for photo reconnaissance Lockheed Lightnings and decals to boot.

    I think of him often as we were like family and continue to maintain the website in his name that we launched in 1996 at

    Glad that I happened upon your website! I look forward to visiting frequently to pick your brain on technique and enjoy artistry in styrene.

    Rich Faulkner
    Co-founder of 34th PRS Online and Possum Werks
    Lilburn, GA

    • Thanks for that Rich. Had Tom lived, I’m sure Possum Werks would be going great guns today, in tandem with your input and his death remains a poignant and sad loss. I was led to Agape by one Jon Bius, who I am lucky to still count among my dearest friends today. Tom had initiated an inaugural Accurate Miniatures competition, which I entered with their single seat Sturmovik. I was fortunate enough to win and sadly this occurred as AM sadly folded.
      Tom remains a poignant and enduring loss and I regret not knowing him longer than the short time that I did. For believers who have accepted Christ, the separation is temporary and I look forward to picking up with Tom when my time here is run.
      In the mean time, good on you for maintaining the site in Tom’s honour and it’ll be a pleasure to chew the modelling fat with you anytime. You can reach me here, at or on Facebook –

      • Hi Steve,

        Good to meet you! Yes, Thom’s passing was sudden and unexpected. I had just gotten into work when I found out about the stroke on that Sunday morning. It was a shock after over a decade of friendship and wholly unexpected. Our families grew up together in many ways. We shared some awesome times. Some of his “isms” are still with our family today, but the greatest impact that he and his family had on us were their prayers for us. They were a catalyst for our coming of faith which eventually saw my wife and I moving into ministry.

        I don’t get around Hyperscale too much anymore. I fell away from it after his passing and only check-in now and again. I spend more time at Britmodeller where I have a new scratch-build project in a 1:10 scale Canadair CL-41A from 431 Squadron “Snowbirds”. It’s just getting going so not too much to see so far! (I’ve been on the road a lot lately so haven’ had time to build)

        I haven’t talked to Jon Bius in a while. He’s another great guy! Not too long ago I stopped by Agape and knocked around a bit. Stopped by the pages for Thom and the GB that was done in his memory.

        Must get going, but it is a pleasure meeting you! We hope you enjoyed an awesome and blessed Holy Week and Easter Weekend!

        Please send me your email address again as the last one you sent was not recognised. I don’t do FB for various reasons so depend on email instead.

        Yours in Christ,

        Rich (aka Pastor Rich or just “PR”)

      • Hi Rich:
        For reasons I can’t explain, my email address grew another ‘with’. The correct address is

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