Our ‘Fox Red’ Brook…

After the devastating irreplaceable loss of our beautiful Springer, Buff a little over a year ago, comes the unbridled happiness and joy of new birth. After trawling 60 approved Kennel Club breeders, Ruth and I whittled them down to just two. Of those, the one we chose felt ‘right’; not that the other didn’t but there was something really extra-special about the bitch he was intending to have pups by.

We were told we were ‘first or second’ on the list (Labrador pups from approved breeders are ‘placed’ ahead of being born) and have been standing by to see if ‘mum’ produces any girls. The pups were due tomorrow but instead have come tumbling into the world today, St Pirin’s Day. Three girls and four boys means that somewhere in the last image, our own little ‘Fox Red’ missy is flaked out with a full tank…

Happy beyond words and looking forward to meeting our ‘working type’ Lab.


Somewhere in that bundle of seven is our little girl…

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