Time was, modelling was a largely solitary pursuit, prior to that time in Western civilisation when Tim Berners-Lee hit the launch button on ‘WWW.’ on August 6, 1991. Now, some 25+ years later, anyone with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, et al can encircle the globe with their thoughts, images and videos, reaching both people they know and those they will likely never meet.

This has been paralleled by a steady rise in the range and quality of kits, accessories, tools and materials. So much so, that we are now navigating a truly golden age of modelling. In tandem with this, I’m constantly astonished by the advances in finishing techniques that have originated within Europe and in particular, South East Asia, with some figure painting I can now only describe as being close to ‘photographic’ in its realism.

This huge pool of talent, spread around the world, is an inspiration to all, as it should be, in demonstrating what’s possible with the right techniques and skills. The challenge is to live as long as we can, while retaining the ability to remember our own names and tie shoe laces unaided, so we can go on enjoying this gilt edged age of kit magic.

So, enjoy your modelling, be inspired by all the great work on the web, in books and magazines and above all, have fun at every turn – it’s a great hobby!


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glad to see you having a stab at this blogging lark Steve – Looking forward to seeing what you post in the future.
    I agree though that this isn’t the hobby it used to be – it seems to be far bigger now, gone are the days of it being just yourself and the local Model shop.

    Good Luck with it.



  2. Hi Steve, congratulations on the launch of this fantastic website and the very best of luck with it! Many thanks for your very generous article on Nicolson VC in the Battle of Britain section! Cheers, Jim Nicolson.

    • Hi Jim. Without ‘that’ email to Chris, none of the rest would have come to pass, so a public ‘thanks’ for prompting the adventures and for your kind friendship thereafter. I’m so much looking forward to seeing you ‘tread the boards’ in April… πŸ™‚

    • I am wishing to contact Jim Nicolson about him giving a talk about his uncle. My grandmother nee Gibson was a cousin.

  3. Um… Where’s the Ale page?

    • That’s a very, v-e-r-y good mention. Apologies for the chronic oversight – to be corrected shortly. Feel free to send me guest appraisals of anything that tickles yer tonsils!

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